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Talks and presentations


The documentation of FDUK 2023 talks and presentations was supported by Imersa Media Entertainment.

We make our Future

Josh Yates

Domescapes Magical Garden


Blendy Dome VJ's Sphere Mapping

Pedro Zaz

Domes for Good

Lyndsey Hall

Everything we know about story is wrong

Christopher Morrison

All The World

Mike Phillips

State of Fulldome Tech / 2023

Paul Mowbray, NSC Creative

Immersion for Tourism / 4Pi

Matt Wright

100 Years of Jena

Micky Reman

The A to Z of Fulldome

Matt Wright / 4Pi

Moonraker Case Study

Ruth Caolson, Simon Clarke & Graham Watts

Collaboration is key

Mourad Bennancer / SAT Montreal

From Chicago to the Multiverse

Mike Small / Adler Planetarium

Best of Earth Global Impact

Ryan Moore


Aaron Bradbury & Paul Mowbray

Experimental Storytelling / Fulldome Meets Real World

Michael French

The Future of Immersive Entertainment / Sphere

Panel Disussion

Screenberry/ New opportunities

Yuri Kostenko & Polina Shympf

Behind the scenes of AliSin

Kevin Saunders and Victoria Levy

Introducing Festoon Software

Ruth Coalson, Phillipa Day & Michael Gandam

The Making Of Summer

Max Crow

Live performances

Black Mantis