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Submissions 2021 Credit Fulldome UK

Submissions for FDUK 2024 are now OPEN!

We are accepting submissions for fulldome films, live performances and presentations.


13TH MAY 2024

If you would like to submit your Fulldome Film, Live Performance or Presentation to FDUK 2024, please click the link to access the appropriate submission form below.
Before submitting a Fulldome Film, please read the Fulldome Film Submission Guidelines.

You are welcome to make more than one submission! Whether it’s multiple films, a film and a presentation about your work, or any other combination, we encourage you to submit your projects. Please use separate forms for each submission, ensuring that you provide all the necessary details for each item.

We look forward to receiving your creative contributions!

Submissions fall in to the following three categories:

  • Fulldome Films (Pre-rendered or linear fulldome works)
  • Live Performance (Real-time or interactive fulldome works)
  • Presentations (Talks, Demos or Workshops)

Thanks for submitting your Fulldome Film, a Live Performance or Presentation to FDUK 2024.