The winners from Fulldome UK 2012.

Best in Show


by Julia Wiesner


Best use of Dome

Miracle of Life

by NSC Creative

Adapted from the Fulldome digital planetarium show Cell! Cell! Cell!


Best Sonic Experience


by Aaron Bradbury

An ephemeral sculpture, driven by geometric soundscapes.


Best Experimental

Six Mils Antennas

by Johny Ranger and Manuel Chantre
SAT – Society for Arts and Technology

SIX MIL ANTENNAS is a 360 degree immersive film that employs a range of visual and audio codes to bring a surrealist perspective to the forefront. Framing shifting communication processes in a fictional setting, the whimsical, open-ended work re-imagines different states of the world in a futuristic timeframe. Through a series of events, the piece alternates its tone between deconstructed gravity, aesthetic sensuality and satirical humor.

Inserting filmed actors in faux designed landscapes, the film creates non-linear narratives of a personal, social and political nature and expresses a complex intertwining multiverse, in which the characters and abstract landscapes evolve.

Best Narrative

How to Disappear

by Merlin Flugel

A hypnotic voyage without any wind.