The Blind Man With Starry Eyes

The Blind Man With Starry Eyes

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In order to increase his power, a tyrant asks an old wise man of his kingdom to give him the secrets which would enable him to extend his power and domination.

Despite his insistence, he can only elicit one answer from the old wise man: “Look at the sky and count the stars.” When he realizes the old wise man will not give him more clues, the tyrant follows his advice and starts counting the stars in the sky. Step by step, a relationship takes place between them which will change the tyrant’s quest for domination into a quest for knowledge…


The Producers

Saint-Etienne Planetarium

Opened in 1993, the Saint-Etienne Planetarium has a long tradition with show productions, first with optical systems, then with digital fulldome shows as well as Stereo3D fulldome content.

Event Hours(1)

  • Friday

    12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

    In The Dome

Fulldome UK 2014

Fulldome UK returns to the National Space Centre, Leicester on the 7-8 November 2014 for two days of inspirational immersive screenings in the UK's largest digital dome. The internationally renowned festival will feature the very best 360 films, live VJ performances and radical debates on the future of immersive experiences.

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