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With Loco-Dyna-Morphics, an audio-visually spatial-animated musical play on the physical unfolding of the hidden 9 dimensions of space, time and form, Jan Zehn & Stefan Berke – two enthusiastic naturalists and virtuous scientific media art tool designers from Jena, Germany – will present their fourth idependent co-production in AudioVisual Fulldome animation art and software.

Based on ideas, derived from Jan Zehn's conception of a theoretical foundation of Unified Physics, worked out over the last three decades, sophisticatedly melted into code by Stefan Berke's genuine co-creative programming skills, the new show is going to tell the self-explanatory story of a 3dimensional unfolding of time within space, and the further unfolding of 3dimensional form shaping within time, systematically resumed within the term of Loco-Dyna-Morphics.

With their work, they want to inspire the fulldome and musical art scene, to consider the real existence of an audible Fractal Sound Space, artfully to be combined with the various possibilities of 3D visualizations, resulting in a new space oriented art form, they recently branded as AudioVisual Fulldome.

The Artist

Jan Zehn

Jan Zehn, born in 1963 in Erfurt / Germany, naturalist and independent high end researcher in theoretical physics since the middle 80ies, inventor of the CymaSonics spatial audio-animation technology (1999), started his public artistic career in 2005 in Jena, first playing at local clubs, cafés and galleries, as well as a few smaller art festivals. In 2007, his CymaSonics project was invited to the 4th Liquidsound Festival, presenting his first 360° panoramic audio show – reviewing his work since 1999 – live at the ZEISS Planetarium Jena. In 2009 he met the first time with Stefan Berke, another inspired audio-visual math poeple and virtuous talented programmer, resulting in the foundation of Ten Art Communications, a scientific art collaboration project of them both, today widely known for its innovative AudioVisual Fulldome productions.Ten Art Communications focuses on the creation of natural sounds as well as scientific art content in live-shows, workshops, music and fulldome productions.

Stefan Berke

Stefan Berke, born in 1980 in Elsterwerda / Germany, has been working with computers since the early 1990ies, focussing on programming, electronic music and the creation of artistic content through algorithms. Since then, he has continuously extended his experience in musical composition, computer graphics, neural networks, animation and software design.

Since they met first 2009 in Jena, Jan Zehn and he are collaborating on a number of audio-visual projects. Zehn's ideas and experience with spatial sound design and Berke's ability to implement ordered chaos have led to the development of numerous scientific exploration tools and production samples, internationally recognized and award winning fulldome shows and endless hours of cosmic multi-channel music.

He's living with his girlfriend in Jena, Germany, since 2012 running the audio-visual fulldome software design & production studio Modular Audio Graphics.


Event Hours(1)

  • Friday

    09:00 pm - 09:45 pm

    The Dome

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