Events Calendar 2022

FDUK 2022 will take place at the Market Hall Dome in Plymouth, UK on the 4th-12th November.

To cater for your fulldome needs while you wait for our event, there are a number of other festivals happening around the world this year.
Some are pure fulldome festivals and others feature a fulldome element. We encourage you to go and check them out!
The events are arranged by date in the table below. We will update this list as more event dates are confirmed.

If you are a fulldome creator, you could also consider submitting your work to these festivals.
We would particularly recommend submitting your work to our three international partner festivals:

  • Jena FullDome Festival (Germany)
  • Dome Fest West (USA)
  • Dome Under (Australia)


Festival Name Location Event Start Date Event End Date Submissions Open Submissions Close Festival Link
Jena Full Dome Festival Jena, Germany 11 May 2022 15 May 2022 Now 1 April 2022
Fulldome Festival Brno 2022 Brno, Czech Republic 8 June 2022 10 June 2022 Now 10 March 2022
Immersive Homecoming Conference Las Vegas, NV 26 June 2022 27 June 2022 (n/a) (n/a)
SIGGRAPH VR Theater Vancouver, BC 8 August 2022 11 August 2022 Now 21 February 2022
2022 Macon Film Festival - Fulldome Macon, GA 18 August 2022 21 August 2022 Now 30 May 2022
GSCA Conference Chattanooga, TN 29 September 2022 2 October 2022 (n/a) (n/a)
Dome Fest West Los Angeles, CA 6 October 2022 9 October 2022 Now 22 July 2022
IMERSA Day Montreal, CANADA 15 October 2022 19 October 2022 (n/a) (n/a)
FDUK 2022 (Fulldome UK) Plymouth, UK 4 November 2022 12 November 2022 Now 10 June 2022
IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival) Amsterdam, NL 9 November 2022 20 November 2022 Now 28 June 2022
Immersphere Fulldome Festival Brasília, Brazil TBC December 2022? TBC TBC
Dome Under Melbourne, Australia TBC December 2022? TBC TBC
IPS (International Planetarium Society) St Petersberg, Russia Cancelled Cancelled