#BestOfEarth 2023

#BestOfEarth will return in 2023!

#BestOfEarth is a global fulldome awards ceremony, created in 2021 by four founding international fulldome festivals:

Fulldome UK, Fulldome Festival Jena, Dome Fest West and Dome Under Festival.

The first #BestOfEarth awards ceremony and screening programme took place simultaneously at the venues of the four founding festivals. The award ceremony and announcements were streamed live from the Zeiss-Grossplanetarium Berlin on October 9th, 2021, and viewed all around the world.

In 2023, #BestOfEarth will evolve to become a stand-alone awards ceremony and the date has been set:

March 25th 2023.

In order for a film to qualify for nomination to the #BestOfEarth awards jury, the film must have previously been screened at one of the four founding festivals during 2022. Those four festivals, and their dates, are below:

FullDome Festival
Jena, Germany
May 11-15, 2022

Dome Fest West
Los Angeles, USA
October 6-9, 2022

Fulldome UK
Plymouth, United Kingdon
November 4-12, 2022

Dome Under Festival
Melbourne, Australia
(Dates TBC)

So don't forget to submit your film to all of the above festivals, even if you have already submitted to one of them already. The more often you submit, the greater the chance your film will be screened at one of these festivals, and therefore qualify for nomination to #BestOfEarth 2023.

You can submit your film to FDUK 2022 here

More details about the #BestOfEarth 2023 Awards Ceremony can be found here