Best of Earth 2021

This year, FULLDOME UK is proud to be a part of the #BestOfEarth special screening and awards programme.
#BestOfEarth is a partnership between four leading international fulldome festivals, which will all take place on the same weekend (October 8th-10th 2021).

  • FULLDOME UK   (Plymouth, UK)
  • Fulldome Festival   (Jena, Germany)
  • Dome Fest West   (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Dome Under Festival   (Melbourne, Australia)


Read the full #BestOfEarth announcement HERE (PDF)

#BestOfEarth features a curated programme of 19 nominated films that will all be screened at FULLDOME UK at the Market Hall Dome in Plymouth.
All of the 19 #BestOfEarth films have been entered in to a juried competition and the the winners will be announced during a live awards ceremony taking place on Saturday 9th October at 10pm (UK time). You can experience the awards ceremony live in the dome at FULLDOME UK or watch it live-streamed on YouTube.

Full details of the 19 nominated #BestOfEarth films are HERE (PDF)


This #BestOfEarth programme will also be screened at the other three festivals. We encourage you to come to Plymouth to experience these films in person, in the dome - or attend one of our partner festivals if they are closer to you! But if you are unable to make it to one of the four physical events this year, fear not, because the #BestOfEarth programme will also be available to watch online via a ticketed live-stream in 360-format for audiences worldwide.

The 19 films have been divided in to four 90-minute blocks, offering a total of six hours of live-streamed fulldome goodness for you to watch on your PC, mobile device or VR-headset.

What to Watch:  The films featured in the four 90-minute #BestOfEarth screening blocks are listed HERE (PDF)

When to Watch:  The ticketed #BestOfEarth 360-live-stream schedule is available HERE (PDF)

How to Watch:  If you can't make it to FULLDOME UK in person, you can purchase your tickets for the #BestOfEarth 360-live-stream HERE


Please remember, the above link is only for purchasing tickets to the #BestOfEarth 360-live-stream. If you would like to purchase tickets the  FULLDOME UK at the Market Hall Dome in Plymouth, then please visit our regular tickets page HERE