Submissions 2012

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Submissions 2012

FULLDOME UK are seeking submissions in the following categories for the 2012 festival:

1. Talks, Demos and Workshops.

2. Live, Realtime, Audiovisual or VJ shows/performances.

3. Fulldome Films

We have now closed submissions for the short film competition but we will allow a few days for ‘postage problems’ and ‘courier cockups’, if you think your work will be late arriving please let us know. We are allowing a few more weeks for other kinds of work and while we can’t allow them in the competition these can still include short format films. If you are interested in presenting work please get in touch with us via email at or fill in the form below.

If you would like to submit a Fulldome film for possible inclusion in the festival, please read the following Submission Guidelines, which are also available as a downloadable PDF. All Fulldome film submissions must be accompanied by a signed copy of the Entry Form, which is available as a downloadable Word DOC.

If you have any problems filling in the form, please use this link instead


FULLDOME UK 2012 – Film Submission Guidelines

Film submissions are broadly split into two categories:

Full length / Commercial Films (any duration)
Short Films (maximum 10 minutes duration)

This will be a curated event and acceptance of your submission does not guarantee that your work will be shown at the festival. Films that fit the Short Film category will be entered into a juried competition, the winners of which will comprise the shortlisted screening reel. From this shortlist, a single ‘best of show’ film will be chosen by the jury, which will win the cash prize (Currently £500).

There will also be the following specialist award categories, although there is no cash prize for these. All but the last category will be chosen by the jury panel.

  • Best use of Dome
  • Best Sonic Experience
  • Best Experimental
  • Best Narrative
  • Best Student Piece
  • Audience Award


If you have a work that you would like to enter into the Short Film competition which has a duration of over 10 minutes, we will accept an edited (shortened) version for inclusion. The following criteria apply to all submissions to the festival:

  1. All entries must have been completed or released after 1st January 2011.
  2. You must own the rights for the distribution and use of the work (visuals and audio) and ensure that no copyrights or third-party rights are infringed. If you are not the copyright holder, you must be authorised to approve exhibition of the work on behalf of the copyright owner. The participating content provider indemnifies FULLDOME UK against action by law in regard to the breach of any national or international copyright law(s) as the result of the exhibition of the work(s) through FULLDOME UK.
  3. You hereby give FULLDOME UK non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to screen your work at the festival and to advertise that fact on our website and in publicity materials. Each content provider will remain the copyright holder of the provided media. Each production will be properly credited during screening at FULLDOME UK.
  4. You are welcome to submit more than one film for consideration. You may also submit both a long-form and short version of the same film, if you would like it to be entered into the Short Film competition. Please complete a separate Entry Form for each work submitted.
  5. If your film is shortlisted for the FULLDOME UK 2012 screening reel, we would also request permission to show your film at three further FULLDOME UK screening nights planned to take place around the UK in 2013. We will never pass on your work on to any third-party, or allow it to be viewed outside of these FULLDOME UK events. If you do not agree to this, please check the relevant box on the Entry Form.
  6. FULLDOME UK request permission to keep an archive copy of your your work. As per clause 5 above, we will never pass on your work on to any third-party, or allow it to be viewed outside of FULLDOME UK events. If you do not agree to this, please check the relevant box on the Entry Form.
  7. FULLDOME UK is not responsible for any late or missing materials pertaining to the festival.
  8. The submitted works must meet the minimum technical specifications for data formats outlined below
  9. The submission deadline for all works is 1st October 2012.
  10. By submitting work(s) to FULLDOME UK 2012 and signing the Entry Form, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


Data Formats – Ideal Spec

DomeMaster format, 4k (4096 x 4096 pixel) resolution, square pixels
30fps, 24bit RGB colour, PNG still image sequence
File name convention: name + underscore +5 digit frame number, ie. MyWork_00001.png, MyWork_00002.png… etc.
Maximum 10,000 frames per folder, using folder name convention, ie. MyWork_00001-10000, MyWork_10001-20000… etc.
Include name of the film, timecode and frame count burn-ins outside the dome-viewable region

Sound: 5.1 Surround (Left, Centre, Right, Surround Right, Surround Left, Low-Frequency) abbreviated as [L,C,R,Rs,Ls,LFE]
24bit 48KHz Uncompressed WAV format, as 6 discrete files, using the following file name convention:
name + underscore + channel name, ie. MyWork_L.wav, MyWork_C.wav, MyWork_R.wav, MyWork_Rs.wav, MyWork_Ls.wav, MyWork_LFE.wav


Data Formats – Minimum Spec

DomeMaster format, 3k (3072 x 3072 pixel) resolution, square pixels
30fps, 24bit RGB colour, PNG, JPG (best quality) or TGA still image sequence
If your image sequence is less than 3k resolution or a different frame rate (ie 25fps, 24fps), please get directly in touch with us. We may be able to make exceptions for non-commercial films.

Sound: 5.1 Surround or 2 Stereo (2-channel), 16bit 44.1KHz Uncompressed WAV, again as a separate file per channel and using the above naming convention.


Data Formats – General Rules

Sound files must be the exact same duration as the image sequence! To ensure synchronization, the sound file must begin with the first frame. Please include any black frames in the image sequence or silent sections in the audio files as necessary, in order to ensure audio-visual sync.

In addition to the image sequence and the audio files, please include a maximum 1k (1024 x 1024 pixel) resolution preview animation of the entire film, including audio. This should be an exact representation of the 4k image sequences and will be used to help verify sync and integrity of the DomeMaster version. This can either be a QuickTime, AVI, WMV, MP4 or MPG format file. In the case of QuickTime or AVI, please try to avoid using any third-party of platform-specific codecs. Where possible use the h264 video codec, bit rates should be between 5 mbps – 10 mbps.


Delivery Formats

All files to be submitted on one of the following physical formats:

External Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
External Solid State Drive (SSD)
USB Memory Stick.

For external drives, the preferred interface types are USB3, eSATA or Firewire 400. USB2 is also accepted.
All drives and memory sticks should be formatted using the NTFS file system. They should be scanned for viruses.
Please ensure that your drives are supplied complete with any necessary data cables and power supplies.
International contributors should bear in mind that the UK uses a 240v 50Hz mains power standard.

Make sure that any drives are securely packaged to withstand the rigours of parcel delivery companies.
Your name and the name of the show(s) should be written both on the drive packaging and also directly on the drive itself.

For short pieces online submission will be considered where the producer provides a download link. Please contact us to discuss if you think your submission would be suitable to be delivered this way and you have the image sequences stored online and available for download.

A completed, signed paper copy of the Entry Form must accompany all submissions. If you are entering more than one film (even if they are supplied on the same drive) please complete a separate Entry Form for each. Please include a digital copy of the Entry Form on the hard drive.

Submissions and drives will not be returned unless delivered with a self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope. We will happily mail them back using a courier or postal service if the producer transfers the necessary fee first. All drives will be available to pick up from the event in person.

If you are sending drives from outside the European Union, the customs declaration should contain words to the following effect:

Content/Description: External hard drive containing artistic / cinematic / scientific demo reel for educational use.
Declaration: No commercial value, for customs only, no resale. Used parts to be returned to sender.
Hopefully this will avoid incurring any customs charges.


Delivery Address

Please send all data drives to the following address:

Fulldome UK
℅ Paul Mowbray
National Space Centre
Exploration Drive